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Legal notice

General information

This website is the property of S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION

Company headquarters:
6, Bd Bineau - 92532 Levallois-Perret Cedex (France)
Tel. +33 (0)1 41 49 03 33
Fax: +33 (0)1 47 48 90 37

Director of publication for the website: Patrick Lhuillery
This website was created by:
Mediapilote - 15 rue des Bordagers - 53810 Changé
This website is maintained and hosted by:
Photo credits: IC COM
Data protection:

Rights of intellectual property

S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION informs users of this website that many items in this website:

  • a) are protected by copyright law: these may be photographs, articles, drawings, animated sequences etc.;
  • b) and/or are protected by the industrial design law;
  • c) are protected by the trademark law.

The protected items are the property of S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION or of a third party who has authorised S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION to use them.

This website uses visual items produced from S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION internal documents and created by S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION for S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION.

In this regard, any partial or total reproduction, representation, use, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation or sale, by any process and on any medium whatever (paper, digital etc.) is forbidden without prior permission in writing, from GÉVELOT EXTRUSION, apart from the exceptions given in article L 122.5 of the Code of Intellectual Property. Otherwise, this constitutes the offence of infringement of copyright and/or industrial design and/or trademark law, punishable by two years’ of imprisonment and a 150,000 € fine.

Copyright - Industrial Design Rights

This website is a work for which S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION is the author under the terms of articles L111.1 et seq. of the Code of Intellectual Property. The design and the development of the website are performed by S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION.

The photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated sequences, whether or not with sound, and also all the works included in the website are the property of S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION or of a third party who has authorised S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION to use them.

Reproduction, on either paper or digital media, of the website are authorised as long as they are strictly confined to persona use and are not used for advertising and/or commercial and/or mass communication purposes and/or that they comply provisions of article L122-5 of the Code of Intellectual Property.

Information about the products

The information and illustrations given on the pages of this website are based on current technical information at the time that the various pages are put on-line or updated.

As part of its continuous improvement policy for its products and services, S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION may change the details of its range at any time. The products and/or services presented on this website are those available in France. They may vary from one country to another or not be available in all countries.

In any event, the information contained on this website is for general information only and do not constitute a contract.

Protection of personal data

The S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION website may be consulted without having to reveal your identity or any other personal information.

The Company S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION undertakes to respect your private life and to protect the information that you send it. In particular, any personal data collected on the S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION website will be used by S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION and its subsidiaries. It is confidential and will be treated as such.

For any personal information that you send to us, you have the right of access and correction under the terms of the loi informatique et libertés no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 (the French Data Protection Act). You may exercise this right py contacting S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION - 15 rue des Bordagers - 53810 Changé (FRANCE) Tel. 02 43 56 84 92 - Fax: 02 43 56 80 03.

Collecting this information is necessary to reply to your requests for special offers and to send you, where appropriate, an electronic newsletter.

If you have subscribed to the electronic newsletter you can ask to be no longer sent it.

You are informed that in order to offer you suitable products and services, some non-personal information about your use of this website, will be collected automatically. This information will be sent to S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION and may also be used for commercial or marketing operations or as a basis for studies and analyses.

This information will not, under any circumstances, be divulged to third parties. Only S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION staff or the agents who give assistance in the management of these operations have access to the data. These agents are required to respect the confidentiality of the information and to use it only for the operations for which it is intended.


We take every precaution to preserve the integrity of the data and to keep it confidential and prevent it being sent to unauthorised third parties.

Hypertext links

You may set up a hypertext link to the S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION website without needing prior permission in writing from S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION. However, S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION must in be informed within 10 days of setting up the link.

S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION may not, under any circumstances be held liable for the content or products or services offered on websites with which the S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION website has hypertext links or any other type of link.

Applicable law

The S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION website and these general terms are subject to French law and have been written in French.

For any dispute, the relevant Court in Laval has jurisdiction. S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. The user undertakes to consult them regularly.

Limitation of liability

You are fully and solely liable for your use the S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION website. S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION cannot be held liable for direct or indirect harm, including material injury, loss of data or programs or financial loss, resulting from the use of this website or sites that are linked to it.


S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION reserves the right to modify and update this legal notice and any items and products shown on the website without prior notice. All these modifications are binding on web users who must consult the general terms each time they log on.

Statistical data

We use the connexion of data to keep statistics about the consultation of the website (type of user, number of visitors, headings visited) so that we can improve the headings in our website and to make browsing easier, but this information is not sent to third parties.

Reproduction on paper

Except for the photographs and illustrations, the pages in this website may be reproduced on paper, subject to the following three conditions:

  • Distribution must be free
  • The documents must be reproduced without additions or deletions of any kind,
  • Acknowledgement must be made to the S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION website as the source and a statement given that the rights of reproduction are reserved and strictly limited.

Digital reproduction

The digital reproduction of all or part of this website is permitted subject to there being a clear and legible acknowledgement of the source - S.A. GÉVELOT EXTRUSION - and the statement “All rights reserved”. The information must be solely for personal use, or for clubs and societies. Any use for professional purposes is forbidden.

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