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The Group

GÉVELOT EXTRUSION is a subsidiary of the GÉVELOT SA Group. This international manufacturing group employs 1430 people on 8 production sites. It has 3 subsidiaries, GÉVELOT EXTRUSION, PCM and GURTNER, working in three sectors:

Cold and warm extrusion and machining of forged parts.

This work is performed by GÉVELOT EXTRUSION.

Pumps and fluid technology

The subsidiary PCM (, is one of the world’s major manufacturers of positive-displacement pumps and sophisticated equipment for fluids management system. It is also a specialist providing pumping systems for the transfer, mixing and metering of abrasive, fragile, viscous and corrosive products. Throughout the world, PCM is providing systems for the food, manufacturing and oil industries.

Mechanisms and equipment for engines and gas

GURTNER ( has more than 100 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sale of:

  • equipment for engines for two-wheeled vehicles and cars,
  • gas equipment for domestic, industrial and mains services applications (governors, regulators, taps, connections, hose, equipped boxes).

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