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Transmission Shafts

These parts are used in some manufacturing designs for half-shafts for automobiles.

The technological and economic benefits of the so-called precision cold forging process can be found in:

  • the blanks obtained that are ready to be welded on the intermediate shafts, at low cost
  • the blanks with a forged groove that can be obtained,
  • the precision of the blank part which allows rationalisation of the materials and the amount of machining.

Recommended material grades: the complete range of case-hardened or carbonitrided steels, and also steels that can be used for induction hardening as an alternative to batch treatment.

Methods of production:

  • Forge: using horizontal multistation presses
  • Finishing: machining, finish rolling, heat treatment

GÉVELOT EXTRUSION, drawing on more than 30 years of experience in this family of products, is able to offer a level of quality that fulfils the operational

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