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Let’s protect our staff

For everyone’s personal safety, we are extremely rigorous about enforcing safety rules within our production sites and rapidly resolving any situations involving risk. We have made this, therefore, the spearhead of our internal communication. Information boards, “safety” pictograms and awareness activities have been provided to make everyone understand that as well as being a requirement, it is in their interests to wear Individual Protection Equipment – (IPE):

  • safety shoes (in the workshops),
  • hearing protection (in the workshops),
  • goggles when using blow guns or if chemicals (surface treatments) or metallic dust (maintenance) are present,
  • gloves at the work station when the gloves pictogram appears on the safety notice for that work station.

There are also rules for driving a forklift truck. They have been issued to all drivers and notices put up in the production sites.

Training is also given in the movements and postures suitable for our work and equipment in order to reduce the risk of accidents. Our process planning department pays particular attention to the organisation of storage areas and work stations and has introduced the “5S system” (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain) to encourage efficient working.

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